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From British Airways' unique, award-winning magazine portfolio, to TV, to meal-tray cards, inflight advertising offers multiple opportunities to target a captive audience in an uncluttered environment.


High Life magazine

High Life magazine

Britain's original travel magazine, High Life has been redefined for a post-TripAdvisor, post-Instagram generation. We don't just offer the usual travelogues, instead our features immerse our readers in the culture, politics and social life of a place. We want to feed people's curiosity about the world - and change their views on destinations.

Distributed in every seatback on all British Airways flights, High Life has a potential global audience of 3.8 million per month and 60% of readers spend 20+ minutes with the magazine.

Business Life magazine

Business Life magazine

Putting British Airways business customers in the picture.

'Where Next' is the question that Business Life seeks to answer. That means we've got the inside take on new business trends, hot global talent, the latest in tech, ground-breaking thoughts and the hottest travel destinations.

Available on every seatback on all domestic and short-haul flights Business Life is read by a potential 2.4 million short-haul customers every month. This makes it the second largest business title among top British businessmen and women.

First magazine

First magazine

First is the new quarterly magazine produced exclusively for British Airways First customers, redefining what 'luxury' means now for the most discerning audience in the world.

With a potential 108,000 customers per issue, First reaches an exclusive audience who share over-scheduled lives, well-travelled backgrounds and acute tastes. Customers' time in First is valued as a rare opportunity for them to relax and unwind. Designed to reflect their experiences, interests and peer group, First magazine is an unbeatable opportunity to engage this audience.

High Life China magazine

High Life China magazine

The bespoke China edition is published quarterly in simplified Chinese for Mandarin-speakers. It targets a growing segment of affluent, stylish Chinese who are travelling with British Airways from Beijing and Shanghai directly into London – and it's designed to be taken off the planes by the passengers.

With a print run of 50,000 copies, High Life China represents a unique opportunity to showcase your brand to a cultured and influential audience within a premium environment.

The following clients have advertised on as part of their campaign:

  • Patek Philippe logo
  • Hyundai logo
  • Sandals logo
  • Microsoft logo

TV & audio

Get in front of our active viewers with inflight video and audio.

On each long-haul flight every customer is given a personal flatscreen with a huge choice of entertainment, including 200 movies, sport, TV shows, audio options and interactive games.

We reach a potential 1.4 million viewers a month. As for movies, for many customers it's a real highlight of the journey. Some 88% of customers choose their favourite classic or blockbuster.

The following clients have advertised on TV & audio as part of their campaign:

  • HSBC logo
  • Heineken logo
  • Hilton logo
  • BP logo

Onboard ambient

Meal times – a big event on board, and a unique opportunity.

The credit card-sized content can be placed on the mealtrays of most flights. And we can segment by cabin and route, delivering a valuable, portable format. The result?

A unique and valuable way to reach British Airways' audience when they are in a relaxed and focused mind-set.

The following clients have advertised on onboard ambient as part of their campaign:

  • The Times logo
  • Avis logo
  • Heathrow Express logo
  • Kenwood Travel logo

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