At the airport

BA has a portfolio of 54 lounges globally providing a traditionally hard to reach audience in a relaxed environment and whilst in a receptive state of mind. Advertising achieves maximum stand-out in these premium and uncluttered spaces. Campaigns are targeted, cost effective and delivered straight to your target audience.

Digital screens

Reach 532,167 premium customers per month with 31 screens across 12 lounges

The following clients have advertised on digital screens as part of their campaign:

  • Vodafone logo
  • Bentley logo
  • Total logo
  • Intercontinental Hotels Group logo

Experiential zones

A variety of locations are available across our entire lounge portfolio

Connect consumers with brand experiences that are exciting, engaging and immersive. Variety of methods available to measure ROI including data capture, footfall analysis and research. Use trained brand ambassadors to educate customers, drive sales and enhance your brand presence.

The following clients have run experiential activity as part of their campaign:

  • Oppo logo
  • Valentino logo
  • William Grant and Sons logo
  • Microsoft logo

There are a host of other opportunities available within our lounges, including: - sampling, screen wrap, static posters, table tops, brochure placements, wi-fi, product placement and boarding passes

Get the British Airways ambient media pack

Get the British Airways ambient media pack


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